Relieving Pain with Acupuncture

No one wants to live with pain. It is usually uncomfortable, decreases our productivity, and inhibits our ability to enjoy the pleasures of life. Most people experience pain at some point in their life. It may be due to an injury, new or old, an illness or possibly an unknown cause. Whatever the reason, I am sure no one enjoys being in pain. How one chooses to treat the pain can set you up for a successful recovery or send you into a spiraling downhill cycle.

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Sleep Does the Body Good

Sleep is one of the best presents we can give ourselves.  It is something we all need to recharge our  bodies, mind, and spirit.  Unfortunately, it is not much of a present if we are unable to sleep.  For most of us, we lead busy lives under constant stress and the pressure of deadlines.  It […]

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Let’s Get to the Point About Acupuncture

By: Betty Shuford, Licensed Acupuncturist When speaking to people about acupuncture and its benefits, the question I hear most often after, “Does it hurt?” (answer is no), is “Can acupuncture treat/help my ___________?” For most of the responses that can fill the blank, the answer is yes! With most people when they hear Chinese Medicine […]

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