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Peaceful Poses: Classes you should try at Zen Garden Yoga

By: Marie Hewes

Zen Garden Yoga studio provides a new course utilizing the benefits of the YogaWall.

YogaWall is a modern-day take on the rope wall created by B.K.S. Iyengar. The YogaWall has been introduced as an evolution to the traditional yoga practice. These ropes allow students to perform many poses on the wall that we can also do on the floor…any more! This will greatly enhance their flexibility and overall benefit from the yoga program. The key proprietor allowing us to perform these poses is the traction created between the student and the wall allowing for ease of maneuverability between poses.

For those interested in yoga that have yet to acquired the flexibility they wish to achieve, YogaWall is a great segue that allows one to develop the basics before attempting the upper level courses, yet also allows advanced students to take their practice even deeper. It is important to understand that mastering the basics is a foundation for any healthy yoga pursuit and this course offers just that. The ropes used in this course are comfortable and allow students to perform a variety of poses including the full arm balance, shoulder stand and headstand.

The YogaWall is an exciting new addition to the Upstate yoga community. Found only at Zen Garden Yoga studio. M 5:30pm, T 10am, and W 8:30am.

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