Health Coaching

Feeling run down? Lacking energy? Finding yourself saying, “So much to do, so little time”? If so, chances are that your overall health and wellness are taking a backseat to your daily commitments and responsibilities. Hiring a health coach can help!

A health coach? Yes! Our physicians, nurses and other clinicians are our specialists in health when we are sick, but even then, they may not have the time to spend with their patients that they would like. This is where the role of a Health Coach is important as a support for our existing health care practitioners. What if we could reduce our sick days, prioritize our health and wellness and had time to tackle everything on the “to-do” list? Wouldn’t that be amazing?! A health coach can help you do that! According to the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, “the role of a health coach is more supportive. A Health Coach is a guide and supportive mentor who empowers clients to take responsibility for their healthand achievement of their personal wellness goals.”Some areas that Health Coaches offer support to clients are:

• Weight Management & Maintenance
• Reducing Food Cravings
• Improving Sleep Quality
• Increasing Energy
• Stress Management
• Improving Digestion
• And much more!

Working with a Health Coach adds to your team of health and wellness professionals; however, hiring a Health Coach does not take the place of your regular physician, but rather works side by side with them in a complimentary role to support healthy lifestyle changes.

World renowned holistic physician, Dr. Andrew Weil shared his view on Health Coaches with Self Healing Magazine: “When athletes want a competitive edge, they hire a private coach to monitor their progress. When it comes to your health, using this mindset could also be beneficial. Health coaches are increasingly being hired by corporations to help employees stay healthy and by individuals seeking to improve well-being. For some, these coaches offer assistance in managing dietary constraints (due to conditions such as celiac disease or diabetes), and for others, they might focus on teaching stress-reduction methods. In some ways, the health coach picks up where your physician left off, helping you implement wellness strategies suggested after a check-up or diagnosis.”

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