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*New Students Only. 20 consecutive days of unlimited classes from the date of purchase.

New To Yoga


What do I need to bring with me?

Zen Studios is completely full service.  This means that we have everything you need to complete your yoga practice.  You can bring a mat if you’d like; however, it’s not necessary.  If you don’t have a yoga mat, we do offer Manduka professional mats for a $2 rental fee.  When you decide you love yoga and want your own amazing yoga mat, we have Jade and Manduka mats for sale.


What classes are best for beginners?

If you are looking to start out slowly or are healing any injuries, we recommend:

• Gentle Zen Essentials
• Relax, Renew & Restore
• Yin Yoga & Mindfulness
• Private One-on-One sessions

Click here to register for these classes  add Please call the studio at 864-583-3335 or email info@zen-studios.com to schedule a private session.


What do I wear?

In general, students are most comfortable in clothing that allows for the body to move freely and unrestricted.  Clothing with buttons, zippers or snaps are not recommended. The Zen Studios boutique has unique yoga clothing available for purchase.


How do I register for classes?

You can register for class by calling the studio at 864-583-3335, through our website  or by downloading the free Zen Studio app for iPhone and Android..

Click here to register
Click here to download our app for Android

Click here to download for iPhone

*please note, you must create a username and password before you will be able to register online or on the app.


What classes are appropriate for me if I am not new to yoga and am an intermediate student?

Our intermediate students feel most at home starting out in Zen Flow or Yogawall.
Click here to register for Zen Flow


What’s YogaWall?

Based on the Iyengar ropes system, The Great YogaWall is a modern day evolution to your yoga practice. By utilizing bars and straps/ropes of various length and configurations, we can bring traction to our poses. This addition of traction allows us to go places in our poses that we never thought possible.
Click here to register for Yogawall


Does Zen Studios have any power classes?

Yes.  Zen Studios offers Power Zen Flow to meet the needs of our seasoned yoga practitioner.
Click here to register for Power Zen Flow.


If I have done yoga before, can I still attend a beginners, therapeutics or restorative class?

Absolutely!  Remember, advanced yoga practice does not necessarily mean advanced asana, but rather advanced awareness (Stephanie Adams).  We always recommend the restorative practice for everyone and it is always good to get back to basics and back to your yoga roots.


What is Vinyasa?

In simple terms, Vinyasa means “to place together in a special way.”  In our flow, or Vinyasa classes, we place the poses together in sequences that support a balanced practice: forward folds, backbends, twists, inversions, balancing and so on.  We link these poses together with our breath to create balance in the class.


What is Om? (also seen as Ohm or Aum)

You may have noticed the Om symbol at the studio, on tattoos or on television and wondered exactly what it was. It is the symbol of “Om.”  Not only is Om a symbol, but it is also a sound.  In yoga, you may hear the sound of Om at the beginning of class, the close of class or both.  When you hear students “Om-ing” you are likely to hear 3 syllables/states that sound like ahhhh-ooohhhh-uummmmmm.  The first state (A) represents our waking state, Metta, or loving kindness.  The second state (U) represents, the dream state- Karuna or compassion and the third (M) represents the state of dreamless sleep, Mudita, sympathetic joy.  There is actually a fourth state, Turyia, that sounds in the resonance following the M signifying perfect bliss and equanimity. These three syllables take place in different areas of the throat/mouth.  The actual meaning of “Om” is said to be the infinite vibration of the Universe.  Imagine the vibration and energy felt when a whole room of yoga students sounds Om together!  It’s Om-azing!


What does Namaste’ mean?

Namaste’ (nah-mah-stay) is a gesture or salutation.  At the end of each yoga class, you will see the teacher and students bring their hands together at their heart-centers (Anjali mudra) and say Namaste’ to each other.  Namaste’ is a salutation of respect and honor.  There are many meanings that are all very similar.  A short version is, “The light in me honors the light in you.” A longer version, that you will see on the wall in the Zen studio says:
 “I honor the place in you, where the entire Universe dwells.
I honor the place in you, which is of light, of truth, of hope and of peace.
When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me,
 We are One.”



How can we stay connected to Zen Studios outside of class?

Zen loves the yoga community that we have created here in Spartanburg as well as our yogi friends around the World.  Stay connected with us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, e-blasts and our monthly newsletter. If you have a specific question, you can contact your Yoga Advisor.




Helpful Hints:

• Please arrive 15 min early.
• Please remove your shoes & place in cubbies.
• Please turn off your cellphone.
• Come with an empty stomach.
• You are welcome to enjoy the silence before class starts and anytime throughout the day for your own personal meditation/reflection.
• If you are late, wait at the door until you are invited to enter by the teacher.
• If you must leave early, please do so before Savasana.
• If you borrowed a mat, kindly wipe it down after use.


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